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is it spring yet?

march is here! as spring approaches, my cabin fever has hit its peak and i am so ready for warmth and sunshine. with better weather comes more fashion photos! bring it on.
 here is a compilation of some of my insta-adventures from february. have a look if you'd like! xoxo

have a wonderful weekend!


ohio is for lovers

 the day after valentine's day means most of us have romance hangovers, taken too many hallmark shots the night before. it is the goofiest holiday, but why not use it as an excuse to love on people, romantically or otherwise. it was refreshing to see men walking around with flowers and balloons to give to their significant others, i just want to see more of this every day! for the day of love, i decided to overdose on pinks and florals, just because i could. i hope you all enjoyed this absurd holiday :)

listening to//midlake - young bride


need for tweed

yikes, it's been awhile! so sorry about that. life can take over a bit, huh? this cute little tweed jacket was thrifted for a steal, paired with a vintage lace top. it's a great alternative to a cardigan in these colder months. although it's military style, i love the girly details like the ruching on the back and the lace trim. i will leave you with this cute love song for your valentine's day week. i'm looking forward to making some fun DIY valentines for my man! what do you have planned?

listening to// bethel music - my dear


ghost town

hello! i hope this sunday evening post finds you well. it has been miserably cold in my neck of the woods, so much so that taking pictures outdoors has been nearly impossible. i have been seeking warmth in the sale sections of most stores, finding some fabulous deals like these levi's jeans for $10 at urban outfitters, this lovely lace tank at tj maxx, vintage purse, and thrifted j crew sweater. trying to stay warm and fashionable is such a challenge! do you have any advice? i hope you had a relaxing weekend, and enjoy this last week of january! can you believe february is almost here? 

listening to// first aid kit: ghost town


saturday sun

happy weekend! i went exploring today with husband before hitting the big sale at urban outfitters. i scored some floral levi's & a mustard sweater, he got a rad baseball tee, some canvas artwork, and a foo fighters vinyl all for about $50. today we decided to practice with this new lens & we're still learning, but having fun in the process. today was a perfect day to stroll around downtown in my favorite city. i hope you are having a beautiful weekend. 

listening to// kimbra: settle down



happy days around here lately. the snow is melted (for now) and i am thankful. my sister has been a doll, running errands and crafting these fun floral crowns with me. it's cool to pretend it's spring during the dead of winter, right? these vintage levi's shorts are also DIY, thrifted as long mom pants cut into cute high-waist shorts. just a tip: do not buy brand new high-waisted shorts, they are a dime a dozen (literally) at thrift shops, i have multiple pairs and washes bought for under $5 each.

so friends, when the skies are grey and dreary, keep up your spirits with great deals, pops of color, and spinning around in circles doesn't hurt either :)

listening to// zee avi: concrete wall

[unhealthy obsessed with this song, give your ears a gift and listen to it]


everyday vintage

this vintage sweater was found at a thrift shop in the men's section when shopping for my hubby.  there was a halo of glowing light around it with a bright blinking arrow pointed at it & my name being sung from a choir of angels. okay that might not have been exactly the situation but that's how i remember it. not only was it thrifted, it only cost 90 cents. have i worn it every day since i bought it? basically.

anyway, what has inspired you today? if your answer is nothing, you're not looking close enough. my challenge for you [and me] this week is to regularly list what is beautiful about your surroundings. to take a moment to examine the experiences of each of your five senses & not to miss any opportunity to meditate on this exact moment of life & your place in it. breathe in & feel good, humans.

listening to// andrew bird: not a robot, but a ghost